Tech Demo

Based on the idea of an orbiter, this demo puts the user in a geo-stationary position around Earth.

This feature is only a proof of concept, and as such will serve to illustrate the feasibility of independent developers using the XNA framework. Well, really just to illustrate to me that is, since there are plenty of indie devs around working in XNA already. However since the advent of MDX (Managed Direct X) the framework has evolved extensively and with XNA, the seemingly complicated Direct X interfaces have been wrapped up to the same mature level as any other Visual Studio .NET set of solutions.

To this end, a POC was necessary to establish the ease, speed and flexibity of the framework, and to simply just get myself used to it. Being just myself, this demo contains limited content so as to focus on the tech and the framework specifically. This has proved a huge success. However, in taking the complete globe into account, it was not so much the design that was holding me back, but the loading of the data. There are very many countries in the world, and very many air routes. Capturing this information has been a challenge in itself, and required the construction of a bench app with which to create and manage it, from where it is then fed into the XNA pipeline.