Counsel Connect

This start-up centres around a product offering for the legal fraternity, aimed at productivity, cost savings and leading efforts for industry transformation via digital progress.

Counsel Connect was envisaged by an attorney and built by myself. This project is a grass roots initiative, which so far has not required any funding. I built the web platform in my spare time, with the focus on systems automation.

The project is a revolutionary concept in the legal space, challenging current operational maturity and giving new-comers in the profession a competitive leg-up through building their network. It is a secure and full function web application aimed at attorneys, advocates and other professionals in the industry (like arbitrators, mediators, facilitators etc). Registration is invitation-only and all users are vetted. Security is a very personal aspect of this project for me. So many sites in South Africa are not, and the average user does not understand the impact, or actually even care. This is something that I want to change with Counsel Connect, and we harp on about it quite a lot in the news posts on that site.

This project has also spawned Lawyered, aimed at the general public and serves as an aggregator that feeds into the Counsel Connect platform. Lots of individuals in South Africa find themselves at the blunt end of the law more often than not for various reasons. Lawyered is the place we want them to turn to.

More information is available at the official Counsel Connect site.