Quick Visual Update

Posted on 2012-03-12 in Stingray Incursion
Not much to say in this update. I put the gun in the game proper, fixed a projection bug, and started mucking around with normal maps for the environment.

Even though the gun is hardly going to be visible, it had to go in. I really just had to texture it and so one, and started looking at a bug where the gun wouldn't lift higher than a certain point. Quite quickly I noticed that it is similar to another bug on the sight. Turned out it was the Dot product that always takes the smallest angle, and you have know when it's negative or positive. So, solved that.


So Saturday I was kinda lethargic and just messed around in photoshop trying out some ideas for the normal textures for the ground and sand. This quickly turned into a quite a bit of work that carried on through Sunday, and I've only done like 12 tiles worth :) But it least helps to make things look awesome. Here's the ground and the sand, both obviously most visible in low light conditions.

EnvironmentNormalMap_01.png EnvironmentNormalMap_02.png
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In wrapping up preparation for my submission to IndieCade, I've spent some more time on visuals. My focus last night was on getting animated textures working, specifically to do good normal mapping for the constantly changing water.
I remodelled the cliffs again. They were too blocky and well, looked crap. Messed around with some normal mapping and then, well, I got sculpting.
So with the submission deadline for Indie Cade coming closer, I've spent some time polishing up the game. And fixed a lot of bugs. And worked some more on the effects, specifically for night time.